Frequently Asked Questions

– Cost?

– What’s provided?

– What is the first day of practice?

– Are there Summer Camp opportunities?

– Where are practices/games held?

– What forms are required?

– Is this a traveling organization?

– Are there opportunities for Sponsorships?

– Are there any additional fees?

– What are the responsibilities of a Team Mom?

– What are the volunteer expectations?

– What are the field rules?


Tackle $TBD, Flag $TBD, Cheer $TDB  (cash, check or charge) PAYMENT IN FULL is due at registration – NO EXCEPTIONS. There will be NO refunds after issuance of equipment. No equipment is issued until balances are paid in full.

What’s provided?

Football Equipment provided by YFCMH: helmet, shoulder pads, game pants/jersey. ALL equipment and uniform to be returned at end of last game.

Football Equipment needed (not provided by YFCMH): Cleats (must be rubber type for Tiny Mite and Mitey Mite or plastic screw type), practice pants with integrated pads or pad snaps, practice jersey, athletic supporter and mouth guard.

Cheer Equipment provided by YFCMH: uniform (shell and skirt), briefs, bows, socks and pom-poms. Pom-poms and uniform to be returned at end of last game.

Cheer Equipment NOT provided by YFCMH: shoes and any MH Cheer apparel.

Flag Football Equipment provided by YFCMH: shorts, jersey, flag belt – player keeps full uniform

Additional NOT INCLUDED IN FEES: any YFCMH gear and/or apparel

When is the first day of practice?

Football practices officially begin TBD. First week is non-contact conditioning (t-shirts, shorts, cleats) PAYMENT IN FULL will be required before any issuance of equipment. Practice schedule will be determined by coach but will not exceed 8 hours per week.  A typical practice schedule will be a minimum of 2 nights during the week (6-8pm) and on Saturday mornings until games begin. Practices, as of now will be held at Bain Elementary School. Coaches may hold “unofficial” work-outs prior to July 21st. These work-outs are NOT required.

Cheer practices officially begin TBD.  Each cheer coach will set days for practices and girls are to wear comfortable clothes and bring water. PAYMENT IN FULL will be required prior to any issuance of Cheer uniform.

Are there Summer Camp opportunities?

Information to come, please check back.

To continue our efforts to bring the best to our cheer ladies, we are also in the planning stages for a summer camp with UFIT (YOU Focused on Technique) UFIT has been working with girls since 2007 to develop and improve their cheerleading techniques and leadership skills. Information on a date and fees to come so keep checking back.

Where are practices/games held?

We will hold all practices at Bain Elementary and home games at a local middle or high school under permission by the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System and the Town of Mint Hill. All games will NOT be played at home. Opposing team fields are located across the Charlotte area.

What forms are required?

The following form packages are due prior to any equipment issuance:

check back – 2017 forms available soon

Prior to any practice whatsoever, YFCMH will need the Waiver and Release of Liability and Medical Clearance forms found in each packet. The medical clearance MUST be on the AYF (American Youth Football) form. Standard doctor forms WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Physicals must be current and cover our entire fall season. ALL players must have these 2 forms on file before participating in any practice.

All remaining forms in each packet must be turned in prior to any equipment issuance. Along with the forms, the following are REQUIRED:

ORIGINAL birth certificate: Your document will be kept in a safe place and returned upon equipment turn-in. This is our organization’s policy and NO-ONE is exempt from supplying this document.

– End of year report card 2016-2017. Per AYF, all participants must show proof of an end of year grade point average of 2.0 in order to be eligible for participation.

Is this a traveling organization?

Yes! We are a member of a highly competitive league which provides Regional and National travel opportunities for Mitey Mite divisions through our 8th grade team. If teams win State Championships, they will progress to Regional Championships held the weekend before Thanksgiving at a location TBD. Winning teams from Regionals will advance to National Championships the week of December 2-9th in Orlando, Florida. All travel expenses are the sole responsibility of each player and not included in the registration fee. A fundraiser aimed at raising funds to help traveling players may be organized prior to the end of regular play, but not guaranteed. You can also take advantage of the YFCMH Travel Assistance Program form located in the forms packets.

Are there opportunities for Sponsorships?

We always need and welcome sponsors! If you know of someone who may be interested in sponsoring our organization please let us know. Sponsorship forms can be found here.

Are there any additional fees?

We collect gate entrance fees at ALL our home games to help offset medic, police and referee fees as well as normal operational costs. Home games are played at Northeast Middle School. All games will NOT be played at home. Opposing team fields are located across the Charlotte area. All GCAYF teams collect entrance fees as well for similar reasons. Please be prepared to pay this fee and share this information with any visiting family or friends to our home field.

What are the responsibilities of a Team Mom?

In order for our coaches to concentrate on teaching your players, they need and rely on Team Moms. Team mom duties include, but are not limited to the following:

– Collect all unanswered paperwork and forms

– Assist coaches with communication to/from parents

– Forward informative emails to parents

– Organize and schedule half-time hydration for players

– Help distribute & collect fundraising items/forms/payments

– Organize end of year team banquet

– Order end of year team trophies

If you are interested in becoming a team mom, talk to your coach! They will be glad to have you!

What are the volunteer expectations?

We are a family oriented, non-profit organization and FULLY depend on our volunteers. You will be expected to participate in at least one home game volunteer opportunity. You will be asked by our team moms to volunteer time at one of the following locations: concession stand, front gate, or field gate. These slots will be be scheduled during a time that does not interfere with your child’s game. Each team is also required to provide their own chain gang, game clock manager and must play recorder. These volunteer opportunities are expected so that they don’t fall on the same individuals every home game.

What are the field rules?

We will hold all practices and games at Northeast Middle School under permission by the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System and the Town of Mint Hill and do not own these fields. Please respect the following guidelines at all times in order to keep us in good standing:

 – No alcohol is permitted on school grounds

– No dogs are allowed at ANY time

– Please help us keep the fields clean. Dispose of your trash in the containers provided and pick up behind others

– Stay away from classroom trailers and school building

– Park only in paved or graveled areas specifically marked as such

Rules during games are as follows:

– ONLY coaches, assistant coaches, players, team moms, referees, chain gang and authorized organization representatives are allowed on the track and field. ALL spectators and players not currently playing are to remain on the OUTSIDE of the fenced area at ALL TIMES. This will be strictly enforced during all home games.

– Voicing offensive remarks/complaints to the referees and/or coaches WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If you have a complaint that you feel needs to be addressed, we insist that you follow our “24 hour rule”. Go home, sleep on it, and if you still feel there is an issue that needs to be addressed, talk to the coach at a time other than scheduled practice or game time. Remember that constructive criticism in an affirmative way is the only way to address our coaches. Derogatory insults only cause bitterness and do nothing to remedy issues.

– YFCMH reserves the right to remove anyone from the premises who is in non-compliance of the above rules.