Spring Air Attack/Flag

2017 Spring Air Attack & Flag Football


Registration is NOW CLOSED!

Please email for availability: yfcmh@earthlink.net

Season begins:  Practice tentatively begins March 4, 2017 with practices once a week and on Saturday. Weekday times/day TBD by coach. Games will tentatively begin April 2nd. All games will be played on SUNDAY this season. No games on Easter and Mother’s Day.

Season ends:  Season will end June 11th.


6U flag 5-on-5

7U flag 7-on-7

9U touch 7-on-7 (air attack rules)

10U touch 7-on-7

12U touch 7-on-7

13U touch 7-on-7

15U touch 7-on-7

Age eligibility date:  July 31, 2017

Fee: $100 per participant due in FULL at time of registration. Unpaid registration entries will be considered incomplete and will not be added to a roster. No refunds after practices begin.

Competition:  The Youth Football Club of Mint Hill (AKA Mint Hill Mountaineers & Chargers) is affiliated with American Youth Football (AYF) and is a member of its local charter Greater Charlotte American Youth Football (GCAYF). During the fall tackle season YFCMH plays other GCAYF organizations, however during spring air attack and flag football we open the door to other youth football organizations such as Pop Warner. We are expecting large participation this coming spring so competition should be plentiful!

Game times/locations: All games will NOT be played in one (Mint Hill) location. We may play at different venues not to extend further than Mooresville. As of right now, all games will be played at Mallard Creek HS with the exception of 2 in Mooresville. All games will be played on Sunday afternoons from 1:30pm on.

Game field: Rules for 5-on-5 flag differ from those of 7-on-7 air attack, however they are both played on 40-yard fields(with 10-yard end zone). While passing plays are definitely a part of 5-on-5, it tends to be more of a running game for younger players. Air Attack provides a mainly passing game with only one run allowed per 4 downs. Rules for the season can be downloaded HERE.

What does my paid fee include? Fees include full uniform, (1) mouth guard and flag belt. Each player is to provide their own socks and cleats. Players will keep their uniform at the end of the season.

Forms required: Forms required for spring air attack & flag will be kept to a minimum. However all requested items MUST be submitted prior to any practice whatsoever. Players with incomplete paperwork will be considered INELIGIBLE and therefore not allowed to play once games begin. NO REFUNDS AFTER PRACTICE BEGINS. The following items are to be turned into your head coach:

– physical from a licensed medical examiner, current as of June 1, 2017 (must be current through entire touch/flag season). If you must obtain a new physical AND have plans to continue with our program into fall tackle, we HIGHLY recommend you use our fall required AYF form so it will carry into that season.

– GCAYF tracking card

– GCAYF liability waiver

– copy of your birth certificate

– copy of your 2nd quarter (1st semester) report card for the 2016-2017 school year

– small (wallet sized) picture ID

Form packet can be downloaded HERE.

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